Inter-Sorority Council

Dartmouth College

Established to further intellectual achievement and scholarship, promote inter-sorority relations and to foster education and awareness of its members, the Inter-Sorority Council strives to exemplify and model the six pillars of Greek life at Dartmouth: Scholarship, Accountability, Leadership, Service, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, and Inclusivity. 

Forms for Potential New Members

PNM Contract:
A copy of the PNM Contract that your Rho Gamma has had you fill out at the beginning of recruitment. This contract also serves as a useful reminder of expected behavior throughout the duration of recruitment.

PNM Conflict Form:
After reviewing the 19F recruitment schedule, please submit any unavoidable conflicts. Only submit this form if you have the exact days and times you are unavailable. If you have further questions, please talk to your Recruitment Counselor (Rho Gamma) or blitz the ISC.

PNM Violation Form:
If you believe that a chapter or chapter member has violated any of the rules of recruitment, please submit a violation report within 24 hours of the violation. The ISC will review the report and respond as soon as possible.

PNM Recruitment Withdraw Form:
If at any point during the recruitment process, before signing the MRABA, you wish to withdraw from formal recruitment, please fill out this form. This decision is binding and cannot be reversed.

PNM Appeals Form:
After recruitment has concluded, if you have received any recruitment violations that you would like to appeal, that must be submitted here. Appeals will be accepted until October 12th at 11:59pm.

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